Vittorio Character Rig (Maya)

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Vittorio is a top-tier animation rig developed by Hector Abraham Torres (@hat_3dart) that provides the highest level of detail and meets the rigorous standards required for feature films

Webpage (With more information about the rig and versions):

  • 100% custom rig, no autorigs or external tools were used.
  • Level of detail : 300+ skinned joints , 140 body corrective blendshapes for muscles deformation (including each finger articulation) , 85 facial corrective blendshapes for art directed deformations, manually sculpted corrective blendshapes for each cloth variation.
  • Maya and Arnold shaders are included, most textures also include normal, roughness and height maps.
  • Real time perfomance tested on a 4070 GTX
  • Compatible with Maya 2019+
  • Both versions include custom MG Picker.
  • For workshop/school or big group licences (for price and discounts) please contact:
  • For commercial licensing inquiries, please contact Commercial licenses are limited and price may vary depending on the nature of the request.

"Tattoos (as seen in the animation shot) are not included in the package. These were added specifically for that shot.

Please feel free to tag me on linkedin or instagram to like, comment or share your awesome animations ;)

While not required, I'd really appreciate it if you could credit the rig as "Vittorio Rig, by Hector Abraham Torres." Thanks!

Cant wait to see your amazing animations!

Credits: Jairo Cuadrado (RigTesting and anim shot), Illia Loginov (Design and base model), Julian Puentes (Xgen Groom) , Caroline Rudas (Cloth variations and props) , Jack Gomez (eyes and skin textures).


1- No pornographic content.

2- Educational and non commercial use only (unless prior approval by email). You are allowed to use these rigs for your personal social media, animation reel or portfolio., non-commercial animation contests and challenges like 11 Second Club and AnimChallenge .

3- Licenses are for a single user. Only the buyer can use the downloaded files. Its a small industry, please refrain from sharing or distributing the file in any way, this makes me continue creating rigs for the industry.

"This character is protected by international patent laws. Unauthorized distribution, reproduction, or commercial use without express permission is illegal and subject to legal action."

Support or refund requests can be made via:

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Vittorio Character Rig (Maya)

14 ratings
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